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Weisheng Automation Co., Ltd have aimed at improving the in-mold labeling (IML) system domain. With professional-quality technology from over 12 years of practical manufacture of IML, we keep permanent research and innovation on equipment design and building, so the goal of our technical team is to build up easy operation, steady and durable equipment for clients. IML Solutions are strongly connected with integrated field and personalized demand; our technicians are practical experts in automaton and IML of Injection Molding Machines (IMM) or blow molding machines, molds and robots solidly provide excellent performance to the buyers and fulfill integrity training for the workplace.
The advantages why you choose us:
1. Label problems: 3 technical tips to avoid static, double adhesion, and slight scrolling by air blow, brushing, and vibration.
2. Operating workers: brand quality components and practical coach-led bring your working staff to efficient productive condition with simply search out replacement parts and easy solution.
3. Prompt troubleshooting: Thanks to own full control over design, soft programming, building, and commissioning, we can promise on offering malfunction solution in 24 hours, even instant online or video conference.

We regard our clients as partners, both bodies support and benefit each other to become the most trusted partner of the industry.

*All kinds of product development for in-mold labeling system integration* 


*Automatic machinery manufacturing and electronic circuit design*

Supplying-Label-Machine  Tensile Tester machine    Rotating shell mechanism 


Transfer conveyor belt  Automatic circuit board intoUltrasonic Inspection


Services: IML robot,Automation equipment,Transfer conveyor belt,Ultrasonic Inspection Machine,IML solution,Automated Optical Inspection